Conscious Living PR launched off of its sister agency MLC PR, which in late 2017 merged to create a more powerful firm. STATUS PR is now a leading mid-sized firm in the entertainment industry that represents award-winning celebrities, branded individuals in TV, Film and Music with corporate clients such as Amazon, Nickelodeon, The Hallmark Channel, and Knott's Berry Farm. Founder, Mona Loring, launched Conscious Living simply due to her own personal passion. The goal with this agency is to assist in promoting quality brands via media and social efforts in the natural, eco-friendly, mind/body/spirit and organics arenas. With our prior success and award-winning experience, Conscious Living PR focuses on natural and altruistic PR via creative strategies in an honest and passionate manner for the clients we represent. These clients include US and international products, services and organizations.

We are renowned for developing effective campaigns that deliver results. We are priced fairly and our fees are tailored to our clients' specific needs, in order to help support new businesses and non-profit organizations.

Our company is passion-driven. We are honest, and we care. Our clients' businesses epitomize these same passions and beliefs. We want to help your business blossom to bring more good in the world with your product or service.

About Mona Loring

In the fast-paced, complex and challenging world of public relations, it is uncommon to find a publicist who can create innovative, personalized PR campaigns for a wide range of talented clients and help them stand out and achieve their career goals. Loring has accomplished this feat, while establishing her former agency, MLC PR, as one of top entertainment PR firms to develop from the ground up. MLC PR merged into STATUS PR in the fall of 2017, when Mona Loring came together with her partner Chris Rossi. With experience in talent, music, lifestyle and literary public relations, Loring brought together her wide knowledge and experience in business expansion, image consulting, artist development, and talent relations into various departments at the agency. Loring has consistently led her team to become synonymous with excellence, hard work and integrity, and through that and her success with her efforts on awards campaigns for the Oscars, Emmy Awards and Golden Globes, she has been recognized as a trailblazer in a rather impenetrable industry.

As an alumna of California Polytechnic University, San Luis Obispo, Loring received her Bachelor's Degree in Liberal Studies with a never-before-seen emphasis in entertainment production, and a minor in Theatre Arts. She was always aiming to break through barriers. During college, she was an intern-turned-production assistant at a leading music video production company. It was there and in college, that she learned the basics of the music, theater and production industries, which helped lay the foundation that would soon drive her future companies.

Loring’s first steps in a PR career began working as a freelance magazine writer while starting her first company, a  copywriting business, M. Loring Communications. Her writing caught the attention of a new children's book publisher who offered her a position as Public Relations Director. After successfully and quickly launching multiple children's books in the series, she decided to refocus onto the entertainment industry. Loring began working as a personal publicist, developing indie musicians and actors in both TV and film. She gained invaluable hands-on experience and her hard work and long hours eventually blossomed into a full service and bi-coastal entertainment PR firm, thus the genesis of MLC PR.

Loring has now established her passion within the conscious space via Conscious Living PR, representing wellness-related and philanthropic clientele. After gaining experience and forming invaluable connections in her entertainment work over the past decade, she is now using her intuitive abilities to help people and the planet by building up brands throughout the wellness field.